I like the new Twitter interface change.  Its sleek and sexy and uses AJAX in all the right places.  I must admit too I felt a little dumb until now navigating around Twitter.  It just wasn’t easy to use.  I mean it made sense but it wasn’t intuitive.  The new interface changes all of that and makes me feel like I can do more and see more in less time.  Let’s see what they’ve done.

The Twitter Trailer

Okay so you’ve probably seen this before.  Real cutesy and stuff but why does this look like and SOUND like an ad that for some Apple based product.  Just like the whole Web 2.0 thing has been done over and over again, so has this.  Time to move forward people.  Anyhow – end of rant…

The features

If you haven’t played with the new Twitter stop reading this and go do it!  Now!!  If its not available in your area yet, I’m sorry.  Here’s a peek at what you have to look forward to:

1. Utility bar at the top of the screen - here you will find all your @mentions, retweets, searches, and lists just above your timeline.  Great idea!  Way to use screen real estate more efficiently.

2. Embedded media – This is great.  I always hated clicking on those shortened links and getting taken away from what I was doing.  I’m sure the Twitter senior management will be thrilled with how this feature will increase the amount of time people will stay on the site.

3. AJAX Direct Messages - They took a page out of the Facebook text with this.  Who care’s though.  It works better and let’s you immediately refocus on what you are doing after you send the message.

4. Mini Profiles - They give you just the important stuff now.  Good stuff.

5. Related Content - The details pane that sides out is great.  Watch what happens now and where you end up.

What’s Next?

What I’m REALLY wondering now is how meta applications like HootSuite and Seesmic Desktop 2 are going to handle this.  Honestly, just based on release dates I bet HootSuite is going to take an aggressive move but incorporating some of these features into its application.  Seesmic almost looses by default.  I think their release date was only last month and unfortunately only just caught up with HootSuite.  Let’s keep our ears and eyes perked for what’s on the horizon.

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