At work we use WordPress on 95% of our projects.  And since we’ve discovered Thematic, we’ve used that theme on 100% of all our WordPress projects.  When we use WordPress we use it as CMS engine.  That being the case we need to use Thematic in the same fashion.  We found ourselves doing the same thing over and over and over again so this weekend I decided to put that initial 10-20 minutes of setting up our clients child theme into a skeleton theme.  Check it out!  Hopefully this will save you some time too!


So why is this even worth downloading?  Well lets take a look at what is included…

  • Predefined directory structure
  • Separated CSS styles (suckerfish styles)
  • Default.css style included in default style.css file
  • functions.php heavily commented and ready for code customization
  • <head> tag action for inserting code
  • “Hero Area” for inserting some sort of featured content
  • Custom header that is required for most CMS style sites
  • Homepage Page template

Now… Download the file and take a look…

[download id="1"]

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